About SverigeMäklaren


SverigeMäklaren is a well known, real estate agent on the Costa del Sol, highly experienced in the spanish market. We’ve been here since it all started and seen others come and go but thanks to our solid foundation and broad contact net, we’re still here today. To our very international clientele we offer properties all over the country, especially along the coast, but also inland and on the islands.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you’ve come to the right place if you want to sell or buy a property in Spain. We in SverigeMäklaren speak and write several different languages and we’re not just plain salesmen but offer a complete service, from the very first moment until the closing of the deal. We provide experienced real estate agents, lawyers, bank or credit services and we take care of the contact with electricity suppliers, notary, authorities, etc.

We are also there for you after the completion of your purchase or sale, to make sure that you as a buyer or seller feel that you’ve made a good deal.

Welcome to SverigeMäklaren, here with us you can feel safe.